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Turn any bed into a den of iniquity with this quick and easy restraint system. So, simply pop it under the mattress of any bed and adjust the straps to the correct length. Then put the four velcro-fastening cuffs onto your partner and strap them down. Easy!
  • Model Number:- UTBRS660
  • warranty:- 1 year

An easy to use restraint set that takes minutes to fit, transforming your Divan bed into a full restraint system without any permanent fixtures or fittings. Made from adjustable web straps with nickel-free O-ring connectors, you simply slip the straps over the bed base. So, place the mattress on top, leaving the O-ring connectors poking out from beneath the mattress. Place your partner in the wrist and ankle restraints and use the pivot clip to connect the cuffs to the O-rings. So, bedroom bondage really can’t get any easier.

So, cuffs fasten with velcro and are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit.The perfect solution for turning a divan bed into a kinky bdsm kit. The horizontal straps to which the cuffs attach will extend to 8 ft 3 inches in length. So, allowing them to be used with almost any bed including kingsize and super king size. The connecting strap between the two horizontal straps can be extended to a length of 4 ft 2 inches. Sexual pleasure should never be one-sided; UNDER THE BED RESTRAINT SYSTEM is here to make sure of it.

Whether you’re new to adult toys or a veteran, the UNDER THE BED RESTRAINT BDSM KIT team’s mission remains the same: empowering people to fully explore their sexuality while keeping partners connected.

Discover a new side to your love life and prepare to delight with the Under the Bed Restraint System today!

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Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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