Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll



 New product Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll

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Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll

Item specifics

Weight: 16kg

Type: sex doll

Feature Type: Realistic Vagina

Size: 165cm

Color: Fresh

  • Model Number:- SSSRD6622
  • warranty:- 1 year
About the product
  • This is a female model. She has a fine face, a tall figure, and a variety of sexual skills that allow men to vent their strength and desire.
  • New TPE material, non – toxic and harmless for skin
  • All products are certified by national authorities
  • Rigorous production, sterile environment Dust-free plant production, experienced.
  • OEM & ODM is available and welcome
Description:- Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll

Are you looking for the best and Silicone Sex Doll? if, so then look no further because we have the perfect and real silicone Realistic Doll. So, they are well design and made in a way that are easy to use, our sex dolls can really stimulate you into having quality sex at anytime and we have variety of them,for both genders. She’s amazing, her smile blissful as ever, her laugh joyful as can be. She make the sexual associate more lewd and delightful in the bed.

Realistic Sex Doll joints are made from stainless steel. They’re very strong and designed to bend in a very humanistic way. Although the joints are strong, bending a joint in an unnatural way or forcing the doll into a position that would be difficult for most people could result in a joint break and is considered misuse of the doll. The joints can make a slight creaking sound which is normal and will become less noticeable over time.

Realistic Sex Dolls’ silicone skin is extremely flexible and will sustain almost any reasonable position. There are some positions which are more stressful on both the silicone flesh and the internal joints. Realistic Sex Dolls cannot be “twisted into a pretzel,” compressed into a tight fetal position, or squeezed into a small storage area, and expected not to break or tear. So, these dolls are designed to be posed in positions that are natural and painless for most adults. Over-straining a joint can result in a break.

sitting position Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll-product of delhisextoystore

sitting position sexy look Super Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll-product of delhisextoystore



Additional information


Real Sex Doll


Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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