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Sex swing belt is a great way to explore the impossible sex positions at home, experience the effortless sexual intercourse, reduces the limitations of weight of one lover and allows other lover moves freely. Sex swing belt provides comfortable sexual experience and intense sexual sensations.
Put the long and smooth bounce back to your sex live!
  • Model Number:- SWB88112
  • warranty:- 1 year

Sexual pleasure is our natural right. Because sexual activity is an interpersonal act, we are obligated psychologically as well as physically to be in the best state possible to both give and receive maximum pleasure. And Bungee Sex Swing is a very pleasurable bedroom action gear to help you and your partner to achieve your “natural right”. It adds a lot of adventure and fun to sexual play.Bungee Sex Swing is also the easiest sex swing to use. Many men and women can just plunge into different sexual positions and develop a better sexual experience.

Spin Your Lover Like Never Before, Effortlessly!

Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions! With your Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing you don’t need to be athletic, muscular or sexually gifted to explore your wildest fantasies. So, just attach the Swing to an overhead beam or doorway, then explore countless mounting and oral sex positions with total ease and comfort! The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing defies gravity with a torsion spring, while a swivel clip allows you to rotate your partner full circle, 360 degrees, for the wildest sex ever. So, there’s even a free fantasy eye mask included for kinky fun!

About product

Large padded supports for back and butt make it easier to focus on all those incredible orgasms you’ll have with Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing.

  • Torsion spring for weightless sex experience
  • Swing rotates 360 degrees
  • Fully adjustable, extra-wide nylon straps
  • Large padded supports for back and butt
  • Soft padded stirrups provide maximum comfort
  • Safe, comfortable, easy to use
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Comes complete and fully assembled
  • Installation hardware included
  • Suggested weight limit not to exceed 350 lbs.
  • Free fantasy eye mask

The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing comes ready to use, out of the box.

Unlike, ordinary stationary swings, The Spinning Fantasy Swing rotates 360 degrees. S0, twist, twirl and try new positions you never thought possible. It’s perfect for beginners and fun for everyone! Try new sexual positions that would normally require tremendous exertion and skill –– then execute them with complete ease and confidence. So, you and your lover will be amazed how easy it is to find the best angle for the deepest, most satisfying penetration. Sex in these once-challenging positions has never felt so good –– and never so effortlessly. So, for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment, swing into action and let your imagination run wild.

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Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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