LeLuv 6.5 Male Hollow Vibrating Strap



 New product LeLuv 6.5 Male Hollow Vibrating Strap

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WITH HOLLOW LeLuv 6.5 Male Hollow Vibrating Strap

This top choice dildo strap on vibrator includes a completely irresistible clit bumper delivering a stimulation experience second to none. So, a quality dildo strap on vibrator including powerful vibrations and a padded vagina shaped entry point for the ultimate ride. So, the hollow shaft makes it suitable for both male and female wearers.

LeLuv 6.5” Vibrating Male Strap On

Key Features:

So, firm, vibrating tip Hollow middle Give your partner the thick, throbbing penis they’ve always dreamed of Medium strap stretches from 26” to 50” (66 cm to 127 cm) Large strap stretches from 30” to 60” (72.6 cm to 152.4 cm) Boosts confidence Brings couples closer together

Model number:- LMHVS224

warranty:- 1 year

1.4 inch dia

1.2 inch inner dia

Fittable with any size of Penis

FULL DESCRIPTION – LeLuv 6.5″ Male Hollow Vibrating Strap-On:-

LeLuv strap-on dildo power on a belt. So, magnificently sculpted, the delightful shaft on this dildo strap-on vibrator is veined and features perfectly shaped head to provide you with maximum stimulation and penetration. So, this dildo strap-on vibrator is ideal for both female and male wearers due to the hollow shaft including a padded vaginal entry.

Many of our male customers like to use this strap on as a penis extender. So, comes complete with strap-on dildo, comfortable and adjustable thick elasticated strap-on harness, a powerful but silent vibrator, multi-speed controls. So, a favourite Strap-On dildo vibrator that offers amazing value and provides full satisfaction.

Whether you’re self-conscious of your size, suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply want to give your partner an enormous surprise. So, this strap on is for you! The first 4 inches are firm for easy entry, but after that the veined shaft is hollow so you can place yourself inside and thrust as usual – only now you’ll be packing’ an enormous 6.5 inch love machine with a handsome 1.6 inch girth. So, the firm yet supple material is vigorously veined for a realistic and immensely pleasurable experience. So, LeLuv 6.5 Male Hollow Vibrating Strap


Ideal Sex Toy for                                :          Female and Male

Strap-On Harness Size                       :         Fits anything up to a 46″ waist

Colour         :         Lustrous Purple

Material     :         Rubber

Functions   :       Multi-Speed Vibrating, Hollow Shaft

Length        :        8″ Total – 6″ Insertable

Circumference :              5″

Flexible Sex Toy

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Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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