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Height after inflate: 160cmNet weight: 3.3kgGross weight: 3.65kg

 Detailed Product Description:

1)Three entries of love: Oral sex, anal sex,sexual intercourse

2)So, Can withstand the pressure of 150kg 

3)Ultra-soft mouth and nipple, large breast, hands, legs

4)Composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC

5) Leakage free

  • Model Number:- IGF8811
  • warranty:- 1 year

Accessories :inflator pump,lubrication oil,sex vibrator
Features: Real voice. oral Sex(can only allow your fingers into her mouth),soft silicone vagina(You need to install the vagina). So, any position,3 point sexual intercourse.INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND

Product descriptions: INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND

Adapting medical and non-toxic silicone,silicone production, and real similarity is more than 90%,vivid shape, skin supple. So, soft and flexible limbs,three points can be used INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND.


Goods for the semi-silicone inflatable doll. Doll inflatable height is about 165 centimeters,it can withstand 200 kg force.soft silicone vagina(you need to install the vagina)

So, long hair soft(you can also change her hair style, shiny, mild facial expressions fascinating times intimacy; lips moderately open. So, the mouth has a vibration function; her tall chest, breasts can be injected into the warm water, fresh bud, a more realistic feel. Lower body two points is refined by the virtual skin (private parts, and inflatable girl split design) fully simulate the human skin elasticity, toughness and softness. Realistic the genitals design image, the effective length of 17 cm, such as the real tunnel.

Entrance thick sensual, striking: the internal structure of the the numerous ringed fold, the simulation of the G point processes construct. So, tail to increase to increase to stimulate the uterus thrusting. Endometrium save the design, to ensure your health and safety and on her first night rights “to ensure that you are the first to have her .37.5 degrees innovative heating her the nakedness two-hole warm and humid. So, two points lower body can be smartThe variable speed vibration, and intelligent voice, sound recording real female orgasm. So, leaving you, such as into its territory.

Face of INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND-product of delhisextoystore

position of INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND-product of delhisextoystore

sit in golf table INFLATABLE GIRL FRIEND-product of delhisextoystore


Additional information


Real Doll


Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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