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Most times the relationship deteriorates because men cheat on their wives, girlfriends, partners and lovers. Even though it is not the intention of the man to hurt his wife, and he still loves her, it has disastrous effects when it was discovered by his wife. This shows weakness and the difficulty most men have in being faithful, hence the need for the chastity device. In controlled studies it has been found that the use of male chastity devices has a huge effect on men’s behaviour and male chastity devices are recommended as a way to reduce our out of control divorce rate.

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The wife eventually resents her husband for being unable to satisfy her sexual urges. The husband blames his wife, and before long, serious problems occur in the marriage, because of his own lack of self control.


The curiosity in male chastity products is high, but most people are unaware how it helps and works.

First stop is purchasing a chastity product for your husband such as a chastity cage or tube to prevent male masturbation or prevent an affair with other women. The chastity product once fitted on the male genitals is locked and the key is held by the wife. This makes a wife increase the duration of sexual activities, because the man cannot indulge in sexual intercourse. A man’s ultimate desire is to reach an orgasm and with the chastity device he cannot.

Also, male chastity products, will help in keeping the husband romantic, and will lead to improvement in their attitudes towards their wives. The male chastity device will restrict them from masturbating and having extra marital affairs, so his wife would be is only partner.


The history of male chastity devices dates back to over two hundred years. This was designed to force men in a life of celibacy. There is a famous story of a Frenchman, waking up one morning with his penis padlocked by his mistress. In the Roman era infibulations was common. Also, male chastity devices provide an alternative to castration, because it wasn’t permanent.

Male chastity products replaced other harsh methods like male infibulations, which pulls the penis foreskin over the tip of the penis, holes were drilled into it, and the whole thing was sewn shut with thread.

Chastity belts: Chastity belts have reportedly been in use since the 11th century. It was used by men during ancient times, to prevent their wives from having a relationship, when they went to war.  Chastity belts were also useful in protecting women against rape, sexual assault, and masturbation. Men and women did not wear chastity products voluntarily, but forced by their partners. Earlier chastity products were made of a combination of iron, velvet and leather straps. Chastity belts found by archaeologists in graves of young men and women in the late 15th and 16th centuries revealed the existence and importance of chastity products even then. In those days, especially in Europe, masturbation was a sin, and was believed to cause a lot of conditions, such as impotency, blindness etc. Since the early 13th century, European doctors believed masturbation was harmful. They manufactured chastity devices, used electric shocks, and other barbaric methods to prevent access to the penis and prevent sexual activity. In modern times, couples used chastity products to participate acts of bondage etc.

Chastity belt was not invented around medieval era, but began in the late 19th century. These ea chastity belts were very heavy and unsophisticated, even then. But as the time passed and the technology grew, these chastity belts came more into the fashion and in the modern era they come in a very sophisticated style. They are no longer hazardous to health and are even very easy to wear. Thanks to the manufacturers of the male chastity products.

Well in some of the most prominent religions of the world like Islam and Christianity the acts of sex or we say sexual activity is considered as a sin which has very bad consequences.

The most important of the male chastity products, the Chastity belt is a detachable device designed with an intention to prevent the men from having sexual relations with other women and masturbation. It is most likely favoured by those jealous wives who want to prevent their partners from getting cosy or involved with some female in sexual activities which they will never agree to.

Out of various kinds of male chastity products, the male chastity belt happens to be the fastest moving products amongst the men folk. It generally consist of two parts, the first part usually hangs the waist and the other has triangular metal like plate which passes through the legs. These male chastity belts are designed to have passage for urination which is allowed through a natural opening, but its will never allow your finger to pass in through it. Some of the male chastity belts also have a penis holder. It also has a lock which is fitted either in the front or at the back .If you look down to the history pages, the chastity belts had some or the other purposes to fulfil. While the purpose of the female chastity device was mainly to protect rape or a forced sexual intercourse; the male chastity belt was all about dominating one’s own desire. These belts were traded through traditional dealers during those times.

It was upon one’s taste that the chastity belts were produced differently. There were various classes of people during those times that used to like the male chastity belts made of gold of silver, irrespective of the cost of the product. There were also some who rather stuck to the male chastity belts made up of stainless steel. But during the 90’s these belts were replaced by the ones made from transparent plastic devices as they were light in weight.

There is a huge competition in the market of male chastity products as of today. Germany leads the league of the male chastity product manufacturers, though there is an equal demand in some developed nations like England, America and Canada.

There is a huge line of these male chastity belts and the creativity in their designing and manufacturing is also like never before. Just because of the fact that lots of entrepreneurs have seen a potential in this market and have come up investing hugely to promote the male chastity products. It may be hard to believe that if you are eyeing upon buying a male chastity belt made up of stainless steel for yourself in an English Traditional Style, then you may have to spend an amount equal to cost of living of a person per month. Yes, you can avail these belts at a whooping price of 400 to 450 pounds if buying in United Kingdom.


We hereby elaborate some of the main reason leads to the high demand of chastity products especially the chastity belts:

The main factor for an overwhelming a popularity of male chastity belts among women is that it restricts the men from masturbating and to prevent infidelity. It is customary nature of man to poke outside his marriage life and yearn to have an extra marital sexual affair with women of his choice, no matter how honest he is to his wife.  Therefore the male chastity belt limits the men to the home with a single woman which is his wife herself, so that he can not move out. This ultimately helps in saving a marriage relationship too. Male chastity belt helps in preventing sexual activities outside marriage and thus ultimately helps in saving the relationships.

The other way in which these belts help is in protecting the women from forced sexual intercourse or also known as rape. Male chastity belt undoubtedly helps in preventing the brutal acts of rape. The human body, especially that of a man, is designed in such a way that he may tend to have the erection in the company of a women even if he is not eager to. This eagerness is met by masturbating and satisfying the desire. Herein the male chastity belts play a pivotal role; they restrict a man from having erection.

It helps a man to be a virgin until he gets married. This helps him to control his desire and have sex at later stages with his wife in a more exploratory way. It also aids out to a great degree in improving the sex session with the loved one. It also has an effect on the overall behaviour of a man as he is able to suppress his feelings about sex in an efficient way.

While it is so useful for a man, it is also meant to be helpful for a woman too. A male chastity belt helps women to reach her satisfaction level until she has her orgasm. This is due to the fact that sometimes men tend to reach the orgasm more easily during the sexual intercourse with their partner. An early orgasm amounts to pre mature ejaculation which is considered to be a driving factor for divorces and separations. The use of a male chastity belt will never allow a pre mature ejaculation and helps a woman to reach her utmost level of joy and satisfaction. Male chastity belt aids in restricting sexual activities so it leads to phantasm and it increases the sexual fantasy though veto attractions.

Male chastity product enables one to stay away from having unhealthy relationships with strangers. This is quite relevant in today’s scenario where lots of people are affected with deadly diseases like AIDS and the number is ever growing. During ecstasy it is hardly realised that the person with who you are having a sexual intercourse is a healthy person or is already affected with deadly viruses. If yes, then these sexually transmitted diseases spread further and may pass over to your own partner, with whom you’ll have sex sometime in future. This is why male chastity belt is deeply preferred over other chastity products which can tighten your noose if you feel like having a sexual intercourse.

However it also helps in preventing the unwanted pregnancies too. You don’t have to worry a bit if wearing a male chastity belt and having sex with your partner. This is due to the fact that the unprotected sex is not a matter anymore when having sex wearing a male chastity belt. The chances for a female getting pregnant are minimal because the penis are never coming in contact with the interiors of vagina, which will not produce any sensual feeling and will not make you reach orgasm.

It also helps a man to be more in to his professional and social life rather devoting time in the sexual fantasies of women.


Chastity devices have a long and storied history, some forms of them dating back millennia. While female chastity devices are more common, male chastity devices have also been manufactured and used for some time. Generally, a device of this type is installed and locked onto a man’s genitals, with the key or other device or method for unlocking it generally being held by the man’s sexual partner, ensuring that the man engages in no sexual activity except with the key holder.

Female chastity devices are generally easier to conceive of and manufacture than their male counterparts, since they have the relatively simple goal of preventing penetration and deal with the relatively simple external female anatomy. Male chastity devices, at least effective ones, have proven to be more difficult to create given the external nature of male genitalia. Prior art devices have often proven to be wildly complicated, requiring belts, straps, harnesses, even rigid pants and suspenders. They often require large, unwieldy attachments to the penis and testicles, making them cumbersome, unsightly—even beneath clothing—and uncomfortable for the user. Further complications arise from the need to provide an outlet for urination.

From the preceding symposium, it should be perceptible that a need exists for a male chastity device that is effective, modest, and snug for the user.


The present innovation was developed in reply to the present state of the art, and in particular, in response to the problems and needs in the art that have not yet been fully solved by currently available male chastity products. Accordingly, the present development has been designed to provide a device, system, and a method for male chastity that overcome many or all shortcomings in the art.

In one aspect of the invention, a male chastity device includes an enclosure designed to room the penis of a user and a partial ring configured for placement behind the scrotum. The partial ring contains a gap, and a bridge which is configured to bridge the gap of the partial ring. The partial ring and the bridge jointly form a ring. A connector disposed between the ring and the enclosure rigidly attaches the ring to the closet.

In personification to the contraption, the ring is approximately cylindrical and its lower portion is comparatively thin as compared to its upper portion; the ring’s thickness gradually changing from its lower to its upper portion. The bridge may include a rear bridge piece and a front bridge piece configured to abut each other. The partial ring comprises first and second mounts, and the rear and front bridge pieces configured engage the first and second mounts.

In the further aspect of the invention, a male chastity device is prepared by a process which includes providing a partial ring and a bridge configured to convert the partial ring to a complete ring. The enclosure for the penis is provided to room the organ. The first half of the housing edge has a plurality of protrusions, and the second half edge has a plurality of depressions. The edges of the first and second housing halves are placed in abutting engagement and joined, with the edges being disposed approximately in a vertical plane and the protrusions extending into the depressions. In one embodiment, the edges of the first and second enclosure halves are plastic and joined through sonic welding.

In a further aspect of this development, the method of softening the progress of male chastity includes placing a partial ring beneath the penis and behind the scrotum of a user, attaching a bridge to the partial ring to create a complete ring around the penis, placing the penis into an enclosure, spacing the closet from the ring by a predetermined distance to accommodate the scrotum, connecting the closet to the ring while maintaining the spacing between the closet and the ring, and locking the housing in place.


It has been realised by many couples that a male chastity device is a right need for saving the marriage or a relationship. The male chastity, just because of this, becomes more and more popular. Some of them even do worry about how to approach their partner with the matter. After all, none of us needs our spouse to think that we are kinky or weird!

However it is equally important for you to raise the idea as a partner with your spouse. No matter what they think over this; at least it is far better than a sinking relationship. This is why you make your partner feel comfortable while you narrate the idea and break the ice.

It is thus advised that once you start heading down this way, you’ll discover that your marriage will improve strongly and the bondage will become unbreakable! Over the years we have experienced to start the discussion of male chastity is to use male chastity stories.

There are many of them available online, although the largest and best collection of them is available over the web, so that’s a great place to start.

You can speak about this with your wife in several ways. It is not advised to pop this idea so as to make him/her believe that there is something fishy about it. You can also come out with a notion or an expression by simply saying to your husband or wife, “Hey, I found this very interesting topic on this website – check it out once!” Act normally as if you just think it’s silly at first. The most important thing is to hit the mentality and plant the seed. Once you are through with this, means half the battle is won. Later onwards you can ask him or her if there was any story they particularly liked or is there something important in that page. Similarly, a day or two later, you can also mention that you found a story you liked and ask him or her to read it.

When it comes to sex, you also realise that it is more of a practical than a theory. While discussing these stories just suggest your partner to have a live experiment or that it might be fun to “pretend” or experience to live out the scenarios in the stories. You will acknowledge that over time the idea will become snug and you can suggest “experimenting” with real chastity for a weekend or two. Well it is advised to try this once in a blue moon; otherwise there are chances that the partner might come to know of your intentions sooner or later. So just hold your excitement to once in a while. In no time flat, it will seem normal and you’ll have no problem making it a reality.  If you and your spouse are already sexually adventurous, you could suggest reading erotic stories to each other as a form of foreplay – and every so often you can pop up a male chastity belt story. This can be done intentionally. And once you get going pick those stories more and more often. This is a great way to use male chastity belt stories as a way to make the lifestyle seem as normal and natural as it really is!

It is also advised that when you read out these stories you need to keep in mind that they are meant for fantasy and sexual exploration: in no way they are meant to harm your partner as some of the historical or traditional stories go in wild descriptions. Not all of the scenarios described are a good idea in real life. Let us say for example:

• Many male chastity belt stories explained to have the man end up in a permanent chastity from the day he first puts the device on. But in the real life, you’ll have to train him. It may be botheration for them as they may feel uncomfortable. So may be at the start he may be only able to put it on for a week at a time. That’s normal. Don’t let it bother you or them.

• Some other male chastity stories or erotica feature the man never getting to ejaculate again. This is not a good idea as far as his health is concerned; as he needs to ejaculate every four weeks or so. But, you’ll discover this can be made to happen without him having an orgasm at all.

• While some stories have the male being belted against their will while sleeping. This would be a violation of the trust in your relationship, and should be avoided at any cost.

• Most stories overlook to cite the personal hygiene quotient of long-term male chastity. Before you make male chastity or fantasy a part of your lives, you need to educate yourself about how to keep things clean and healthy down there to avoid infection or sexually transmitted diseases of any sort.

• A lot of other male chastity stories assume that female dominion has to be a factor in the male chastity lifestyle. This simply isn’t true and may go wrong in every sense. While authority can certainly be a part of it, but it is not meant to be the whole thing where you dominate the whole course and your partner too. You can get most of the benefits of male chastity without abusing your male partner.

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