2016 New Women 10 Function Wireless C-String Vibrating



 New product 2016 New Women 10 Function Wireless C-String Vibrating

– Color: Pink
– Vibration Mode: 10 Speeds
– Wireless Remore Control: Yes
– Battery for Remote : 1 x 23A (Not Include)
– Batteries for Vibrating Panties: 2 x AAA (Not Include)
– Good quality
– Easy operation
– Cleaned for second time use
– Whatever you want strong or weak feeling ,it’s up to you

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Model number:- NWFWCFV7700

warranty:- 1 year

More info:-2016 New Women 10 Function Wireless C-String Vibrating
This vibrating panties was developed on the basis of the C pants with technical innovations. The detachable design, internal brackets and fabric cover can be separated which easy cleaning and maintenance. The bracket use advanced non-toxic ABS material, the support and flexibility are have good security. The cloth cover with polyester,nylon and lace embellishment,which can meet the dual requirements of vision and comfort. Remote control effective range is 5 to 10 meters.
Some customers said that this item has a little noise during use. We have test it again and find these two situation may cause noise. Please check these two parts if you find it has noise.
1. Mostly is the vibrating panties’s zipper puller collide the solid part of the vibrating panties. Now, you just need move the zipper puller to the other side, or don’t zip it fully. This problem can be solved.

2. Check the battery case of the vibrating panties, sometimes the batteries will friction the battery case, then make some noise, Please make sure your batteries are install in a good condition.

Discrete packaging, we offer unmarked packaging, safe delivery without leaving sensitive words. All adult sex product come in a discreet standard box to protect your privacy.

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Made in USA
Works great feels great
1 year Warranty


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