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Classic, intimate, and sensual, this position is excellent for thorough thrusting that she needs so badly for enjoying her G-spot orgasms to the fullest. While Missionary sex position is as traditional as it gets, with a buzzy ergonomic sex toy put in between your bodies, it will never get old. Wear this ergonomic couple’s vibe when striking Missionary to boost the C and the G-spot stimulation and aim for a simultaneous O.

Strap your partner down with this beginner-friendly bondage set to add the fetishy thrill of a power play to this classy sex position. Spice it up with a revved-up cock ring with a clit attachment. A vibrating C-spot tickler will work her clit to ecstasy, while the tight silicone band will keep him harder for longer.

Adult product for Couple Mangalore at Karnataka

Premium Sex toy in Mangalore at KarnatakaIntensify the bliss of deep backdoor thrusting by inserting a lovely metal plug into her butt. Its sturdy shape will bring extra pressure to her G-spot from behind, dramatically enhancing sensations for both.

A sweet combination of cuddles and humps, the Spooning is one of the most romantic and gentle sex positions that promises unforgettable pleasure for both. That sweet action from behind is a golden ticket to a G-spot orgasm. The Spooning doesn’t require much, and it’s the laziest – and the most blissful – sex position for your early morning sex.

Wear a silky blindfold to boost the erotic tension. So, get a taste of sensory deprivation, and experience a pure sensation without distractions.

Sex toy in Mangalore nice vibrating love ring to make that Spider slide even better. The cock ring will ensure him lasting longer and her getting her ecstatic share of clit tickles.

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